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Organic baby clothes, organic children's clothing and organic baby bedding are our specialty and passion! Absolutely no chemicals or pesticides are used in the entire growing and manufacturing process. All dyes are eco-friendly and no finishing agents are used on our organic fabric. Sage Creek Organics starts with 100% organic and finishes 100% organic with all our clothing certified by GOTS, the Global Organic Textile Exchange.   read on Many pesticides and chemicals used in growing and manufacturing cotton clothing are petroleum based and stay in the clothing even after washing. In addition, many of the pesticides used in cotton products are known carcinogens. Many clothing manufacturers use dyes that can cause serious allergic reactions and side effects. Our organic baby clothing eliminates all possible health issues that come from traditionally grown cotton.

Choosing organic cotton clothing and bedding is a great investment in our childrens’ healthy future. It also promotes a healthier earth for all of us, because organically produced clothing does not destroy ecosystems and upset the balance of nature the way toxic chemicals do. Soft and natural is the way to go with organic crib sheets, footies, blankets, and more.

Cuddle your newborn in soft, snuggly, and eco-friendly 100% certified organic baby clothes from Sage Creek Organics. All our products including bodysuits, footies, pants, leggings, hoodies, onesies, tees, washclothes, etc. are designed from certified organic cotton and natural, low-impact dyes.

Bedding such as baby blankets and crib sheets directly impact our children's environment and are sometimes produced with dangerous chemicals and pesticides with harmful side effects. Therefore, parents should choose non-toxic, 100% organic baby bedding to ensure the safety and comfort of their little ones while they sleep or play in their cribs.

Removing as many chemicals as possible from your children’s environment during the early stages of their lives can be critical to preventing long-term damage. Although you can’t control the world, removing these products from the places where your children spend most of their time is incredibly important. Our children deserve soft, yet durable 100% organically grown cotton clothing. Educate your friends and relatives to the importance of organic baby clothes and bedding. You CAN make a difference!  Hide

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