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We have worked hard to make your online shopping experience as easy and pleasant as possible.  Please see our detailed instructions below on our ordering process.  If you need further assistance, please contact us by using our email form or by phone using the contact information below. Note that our prices are calculated in US dollars.

Our online shopping system is fully protected by the highest security standards for ecommerce sites - all transactions are transmitted in encrypted form across the Internet using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology and an authorized Digital Certificate.  Once received, your credit card information is stored in encrypted form for further security.  We do not share your credit card or purchase information with anyone other than the credit card merchant services company in order to complete your transaction.
Shopping Cart
When you add an item to the Sage Creek Organics Shopping Cart, the information temporarily is stored in our database for the duration of your shopping session.  If you close your browser, this information is deleted from our database.  Occasionally, there will be a break in your Internet connection - if this occurs, you will have to add items to the Shopping Bag again.
Order Summary
When you add an item to the Sage Creek Organics Shopping Cart, you are navigated to our Order Summary page.  A message confirming that you added the item is displayed at the top of the page, and a summary of the item is displayed.  From this page, you may navigate to any part of our site to continue shopping.  You may add as many items to the Shopping Cart as you wish, and can remove items later if you wish.
From any part of our website, you can review the items in your Shopping Cart by clicking on the View Cart link at the top of the page.  After you have verified the items are correct, you may complete your order by clicking the "checkout" button at the lower right of the Order Summary page.  This navigates you to the secure area of our site - depending on the settings of your browser, you will see a notice informing you that you are entering a secure connection area by displaying a lock icon typically shown either in your address bar or on the lower right side of you browser.
Shipping Page - Part 1 of 2
From our Shipping page you may enter your shipping information - please include all required items indicated by the red asterisk *.  If you are a returning customer, you can click on the returning customer link toward the top left of the page and logon using your password and email.  This will return you to the Shipping page and auto fill your billing information.  Most people want their products shipped to the same location as the billing information for their credit card - if they are the same, you can omit the shipping information.  Including any comments you have and select a billing method (e.g. Visa or American Express).  Once you have entered this information, click the "continue" button to proceed to the Payment page.
Payment Page - Part 2 of 2
From our Payment page you may verify the items in your order.  Also, be sure to verify the billing address you have provided matches your credit card, and that your shipping address is correct.  Enter your credit card number, security code and expiration, and click the "place order" button to finish your transaction.
After you complete your order, allow up to 20 seconds for your order to process through our merchant services.  Once processed, a confirmation message is displayed that includes your order number.  This same order number is emailed to you along with the details of your order.  If you want to review your order, click the "view" button to see the details of your order.
Time to Ship
We ship the majority of items via FEDEX Ground or Common Carrier. FEDEX Ground takes 7-10 business days to reach some areas within the continental USA - and most of our items are shipped within 2-3 business days. Please allow between 7-12 days for delivery.

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